Monday, March 30, 2009

Pitt Falls To Villanova

I really want to be upset or disappointed about Pitt’s loss to Villanova in the Elite Eight on Saturday night, but I can’t. I guess you could say that if Pitt made one more free throw, allowed one less offensive rebound, or turned the ball over one less time, they would have won. Well sure, but to use an expression that I hate, it is what it is.* Pitt and Villanova are both great teams and played an amazing game. Villanova has as balanced a team there is in the country and deserves its spot in the Final Four. Plus, after seeing how poorly top teams Oklahoma and Louisville played on Sunday, I feel even better about Pitt’s performance. Levance Fields, Sam Young and DeJuan Blair all had terrific seasons, and the team as a whole deserves credit for accomplishments that no other Pitt team has achieved.

I should also add another reason why I’m not too upset about Pitt’s loss. I talked to a woman on Friday whose kids went to high school with Scottie Reynolds. She was rooting for Villanova because she said that he is a nice kid and is a bit of a hometown hero. I really can’t hate a team like Villanova who has three seniors in Cunningham, Anderson and Clark and also features Corey Fisher who has had an amazing childhood as featured by last week. Jay Wright and the team are likable and play a fun style of basketball where they can dominate on both ends of the floor (just ask Duke).

Anyway, congratulations to the University of Pittsburgh Panthers men’s basketball team on an incredible season! Thanks to Fields, Young and Biggs for their four seasons at Pitt.

For more about the game and Pitt's season, go to Pitt Blather and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website.

* If I ever use this expression here again, feel free to stop reading this blog!


tiny350Z said...

Kudos to you for seeing the positive in this! I think that b/c it was such a close game I was more upset than usual - or maybe it was just seeing them go further than ever in the tournament.

But yeah, congrats to the Pitt Panthers, it was really a great season.

tecmo said...

Dude, I hate that expression, too! It doesn't actually say anything. How about wait until you have something insightful to say rather than clogging up my brain with needless words.

Gah, that expression pisses me off :)

My word verification is "toesses"

Justin said...

It was a tough pill to swallow. Especially Villanova draining every free throw! But overall great season for Pitt, and great careers for Sam Young, Levance Fields, and Tyrell Biggs.

Sean said...

Tiny350Z & Justin - I do agree with you to an extent. I don't ever remember a team hitting EVERY free throw (OK, they missed one, but still). Villanova though had two huge mistakes to let Pitt back into the game (the long pass and the foul on Fields). However, once Reynolds got the ball, I said uh oh to my friends around me because I knew it was over. I guess I'm taking the positive because I thought Pitt played well and Nova played just as well. Despite some late turnovers, I think Nova beat Pitt, not that Pitt beat themselves. All of Novas free throws are an example of this.

Cotter - I'm glad I'm not alone on this. Toesses is funny!

tecmo said... called me Cotter. WTF?!?!?!


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Your verifications are the best!

Sean said...

Tecmo - Wow, I really did call you Cotter, didn't I? I apologize to both you and Cotter for that. Botch rading on my part.

I'd vote for toesses over suppyozo.