Thursday, May 01, 2008

She’s Just Being Miley

In addition to more upbeat stories about the economy and the fact that Rev. Jeremiah Wright won’t go away, one of the major news items this week was the Miley Cyrus pictures taken by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair. While I think everyone involved is in the wrong, that’s not what I am writing about. Instead, Miley Cyrus being in the news seems like the perfect time for me to embarrass myself (again) by writing that I really like a Hannah Montana song.

I listen to Yahoo! radio at work occasionally switching between the Big Hits of the 80s station and Today’s Top Hits so that I can stay current with what the kids listen to (which judging by American Idol this week, seems to be Neil Diamond; this bodes well for the future of our country). Knowing popular music also helps during trivia night, but I digress. Several weeks ago, a song came on with the first line "I got my heart set on you." While this line is nothing special, it sounded very similar to the start of Corey Hart’s classic "Sunglasses at Night" ("I wear my sunglasses at night"). After a few lines of the new song, a catchy beat emerges and I found myself wondering who sang the song. I was a bit surprised to learn that the song is "See You Again" by none other than Miley Cyrus. My initial reaction was embarrassment. How could I, a 32 year-old without kids, like a Hannah Montana song? Only 10 year-old girls who watch the Disney Channel like Hannah Montana songs. I do not fall into this demographic. The next day, I turned on Yahoo’s Teen Pop just to hear the song again. In case you were wondering, Bananarama was also played on this station. What current teens have even heard the song Venus?

Anyway, there’s not much more to write. I freely admit that I like a Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus song. It’s not something that I’m necessary proud of, but it’s true.

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Anonymous said...

my roommate used to nanny for annie. she actually just left her for another family.