Thursday, May 08, 2008

I Want To Be a Sell Out

Unless you count the Google ads on the side of this page, Sean’s Ramblings does not have any sponsors. In fact, in the 3+ years of this site, I have earned exactly $0, although I did receive a free book and DVD. Instead of hoping that companies contact me to place an ad, I thought I would do the opposite and post information about businesses I like and would be happy to have as a sponsor.

Wegmans – The greatest grocery store of all time.

Guppie Boutique – Primarily sells infant and toddler clothes and accessories. Run by ex-Pittsburghers.

Let’s Eat (specifically the Johns Creek/Alpharetta, Georgia location) – Provides customers with family dinners, sides, appetizers and desserts for in-store assembly or pick-up. There are several of these types of places around, but I’m singling out this location since it is also run by an ex-Pittsburgher.

California Tortilla – Long-time readers know my affinity for this restaurant. Besides serving great food, I love their promotions such as Pop Tart Day and free burritos for the first ten people in line for a grand opening. (Yes, I would still like to sell my free burrito coupons; there are only about 15 left!)

Any major corporation, television show or movie company – The exposure of your ad on this site could be worth millions (millions of what, I don’t know).


lacochran said...

I went to a Wegman's on opening day and was freaked out at the enormity of the place and the number of people. Crowds don't usually bother me but this was extreme. Haven't been back since. A couple weeks ago my cousin served me blintzes from Wegman's and they were remarkably good. It's true. I remarked. So maybe it's time for a revisit.

Good luck with your shameless pandering.

I've added you to my list of links. Thanks for wanting my blog on yours. :)

Anonymous said...

shame on you.