Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Free Birthday Food

Inspired by my birthday (which just happens to be today), I have compiled a list of restaurants that offer free food for your birthday. Please note that when I write "with certificate" below, it means that I received an e-mail from the restaurant for signing up on their mailing list. The "certificate" is required for the free food.

Red Robin – Free Gourmet Burger with certificate – (received e-mail 5/6; expires 5/20)

Austin Grill – Complimentary Entrée with certificate – (received e-mail 5/6; expires 5/20)

Silver Diner – Complimentary Entrée and a Piece of Birthday Cake with certificate and Blueplate Club card. Valid with the purchase of an additional entrée. (received e-mail 5/1; expires 6/1)

California Tortilla – Free burrito (good only on the day of your birthday)

McCormick & Schmick’s – Free Signature Desert with certificate and purchase of an entrée (received 5/6; expires 5/27)

Baskin Robbins – Free 2.5 oz. scoop if ice cream with certificate (received e-mail 5/8; expired 5/18).

Mamma Lucia – Free desert with purchase of at least two dinner entrees (received 5/6; expires 30 days from receipt of e-mail).

Dairy Queen – Free 16 oz. Blizzard with certificate and purchase of another 16 oz. Blizzard (received 5/6; expires 5/25)

Texas de Brazil – Complimentary dinner with certificate and purchase of a full price dinner (received 5/6; expires 6/5; not valid on Saturdays)

Moe’s Southwest Grill – Free entrée with certificate (I don't know more about this offer.)

Coldstone Creamery - I think free ice cream, but I cannot confirm.

Noodles & Company - I think a free entrée, but, again, I cannot confirm.

While this list is better than my attempt at this last year, there are many, many more restaurants out there that offer free food for your birthday. That’s where I need your help. Please leave any other suggestions for restaurants (preferably in the Washington DC area) that have free birthday meals in the comments section. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

If anyone would like to come to Ann Arbor to celebrate their birthday, a good handful of restaurants offer half off the entire food bill if it is someone's birthday.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Holy Moley! You got some eating to do! Get movin'!! I think you've definitely got to do the free California Tortilla birthday burrito. ;)

Sorry, I have no additional suggestions. Just a "Happy Birthday!!" for ya!

KP said...

happy birthday!

Sean said...

Thanks for the happy birthday wishes. I actually did have a free California Tortilla birthday burrito. It was the first time I had been at the CalTort near my office since last August.

Marc - As I think I've read several times during High Holiday services, next year in Ann Arbor!

lacochran's evil twin said...

Not quite on your birthday but close:

Anonymous said...

A couple more...

Caribou Coffee: free drink on birthday only (with certificate)

Dunn Brothers Coffee: free drink on birthday only (with certificate)

Goob said...

I made a list of free birthday meals over two years ago that I've since updated I don't know how many times. :) There are a ton of places where you can sign up in advance and get a coupon or freebie offer e-mailed to you around a week prior to your birthday.

Anonymous said...

here's a list of over 100 places with links to sign up:


Helen said...

Many thanks - yay for free ice cream :)

Anonymous said...

why the f is that place called California Tortilla and its not in California