Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stupid Rain

I have been a strong proponent of the new turf fields for soccer over the past few years. They handle wear and tear significantly better than the normal grass fields and you are able to play games the day after a heavy rain where the grass fields may still be unplayable.

As of today, I have changed my mind. I worked three games as a soccer referee on Sunday on a turf field. Although the weather for first game was fine, the rain started during the second match. It was a cold and steady rain, but the conditions were certainly playable. By the third game, the steady rain became a downpour. Any game on a grass field would have been called due to unsafe muddy conditions. However, the turf field was unfazed by the multiple inches of rain. During halftime of this game, I actually asked my assistant referees whether we could call the game. Unfortunately, we determined that the only way we could cancel the game was for lightning.

When I left the field, every part of my clothes and body were wet. I decided the drive home in my cleats because I didn’t want to open my bag to get out shoes. I didn’t even want to open my bag to get my car keys! Even though I have been home now for two hours, I am still somewhat miserable. I hear the rain continue to come down, but at least I'm comfortable wearing my Homer Simpson slippers.

Of course, if the Penguins win tonight, I’ll be in an excellent mood!

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Anonymous said...

At least your wife had something warm for you to eat when you got home.