Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Referrals

Here are a few links to get you through your Friday:

- The 25 Best of “Best of” Albums. What a surprise that The Beatles and The Rolling Stones finished #1 and #2.

- This is both an inspiring and sad story about an 18-year-old dying from cancer titled "Teen is running out of innings, but the game still isn't over."

- Chico Harlan is going to from writing G’Day from Tomorrow for the Post-Gazette (I think he also wrote some in the sports section) to the Washington Post (go about half-way down this chat) to be the Nationals beat reporter. Another Pittsburgher moving to the DC metro area.

- At some point, I may or may not write about my experiences at the new Nationals stadium during last week’s Pirates game. The short story is that I bought four $18 tickets on StubHub for less than $7 each. While waiting for friends at the stadium, someone handed my brother two free tickets. Ten minutes later, another guy gave us three free tickets. This is a brand new stadium and people are giving away tickets! More about the poor attendance at the Nationals stadium in this Yahoo article.

- The top ten worst franchises in pro sports. A Pittsburgh team is #1 and it is not the USFL's Pittsburgh Maulers.

- Google has a link to support disaster relief in Myanmar (Burma).

Finally, I have added the following great links on the right. Check them out!
- Kevin’s Crazy World
- Lacochran’s Bloggery
- Going Five Hole

I'm working on something big that will be posted on Monday or Tuesday, so stay tuned for for more information.

Go Pens!


Anonymous said...

I actually know Kasten's daughter that just graduated from UF - she was in Atlanta BBYO when I was an advisor. Didn't realize he was president of the Nationals.

Anonymous said...

While it can be hard to argue with marking the team that's verging of breaking the record for most consecutive losing seasons as the worst organization in sports, I don't think the Pirates franchise should be the absolute worst (on the list, certainly). I'd put the Lions ahead of them for sure. It's not easy to be that bad for that long in the NFL where they make great efforts to keep league parity. The same can be said for the Clippers and the NBA. At least the Pirates can "cling" to their small market label as an excuse for their annual incompetance. Plus, they did build the best damn venue in all of sports (PNC Park), and that should count for something. Aaaaand they are presently riding a 5 game winning streak. :) Look out Loretta!