Thursday, May 22, 2008

Edyta vs. George Novak

During Tuesday night’s Dancing with the Stars finale, Jason Taylor said that his dance partner Edyta Sliwinska, was the best coach he had ever had. (Yes, I’m admitting that I watched the season finale. Before you make fun of me, how many of you can say that someone who played sports at your high school was a finalist on Dancing with the Stars? I thought so!) Therefore, I thought we should go back and compare Edyta to Taylor’s Woodland Hills High School football coach, George Novak.

- Woodland Hills High School football coach for over 20 years
- WPIAL (Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League) Championships in 1996, 1999, 2001 and 2002.
- NFL players from Woodland Hills coached by Novak include Taylor, Ryan Mundy, Shawntae Spencer, Lousaka Polite and Steve Breaston.
- Has never won the PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association) championship.

- Dancer for over 15 years.
- Emerald Ball Latin Amateur Champion; 1st place - 2001 International Grand Ball (San Francisco); and 1st Place - 2001 Holiday Ball (Las Vegas, Nevada).
- Dancing partners include Taylor, Evander Holyfield, George Hamilton, Joey Lawrence and John Ratzenberger
- Appeared on all six seasons of Dancing with the Stars but has never won.

I’ll give the edge to Edyta simply because she is in much better shape than Novak (and since she would probably know not to run the ball while your team was trailing on a 4th and long late in fourth quarter).

Meanwhile, Nick Saban believes that he was the best coach Taylor ever had.

When asked about Saban, the jovial Taylor abruptly changed his expression and simply said, "Release giant JT."

If you want to see more pictures of Edyta, she has her own website and Myspace page. If you want to see more pictures of Novak, you’re out of luck. There don’t seem to be many pictures of him on the internet.


Archi said...


There is no reason to issue any apologies or explanations about watching Dancing with the Stars. Any man who has seen Edyta should clearly understand why the program is worth watching. And you should have included a picture of Julianna Hough, even though she has nothing to do with the content of your post. ;)

In related news, I was in London for the Miami game week, and went through Trafalgar Square a few days before, yet did not see the Jason Taylor. Perhaps he was not up yet. Or maybe I should start a moon-landing conspiracy-type group arguing that Giant JT was not actually there.

Anonymous said...

I plan on being the next Woody High grad on Dancing With the Stars. I hear they are looking for an awesome swimmer who's a star in his own mind.

Sean said...

Dan - I'll get right on posting more pictures! :)

Brian - Welcome back; haven't seen you here in a while. Plus, you seemed to have spelled your name incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

i've been busy circumnavigating the globe testing out some new trunks for speedo. and i think i know how to spell my own name.