Thursday, May 15, 2008

Three Member Band Quiz

Welcome to another quiz, this one created by the folks at Stump Trivia from Monday night’s trivia. Your challenge is to name the three member band. As always, please do not use the internet for the answers. Either you know it or you don’t.

1. Gordon Sumner, Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland

2. Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Drint, Tre Cool

3. Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard

4. Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart

5. Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker

6. Bradley Nowell, Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson

7. Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, Tom DeLonge

8. Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl

9. Tionne Watkins, Lisa Lopes, Rozonda Thomas

10. Pete Loeffler, Sam Loeffler and Dean Bernardini

A virtual gold star to anyone who correctly answers #10. Just for fun, I’ve also added two bonus questions that were not part of the trivia night.

Bonus #1. Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels, Jason Mizell

Bonus #2. Robert Sledge, Darren Jessee, Benjamin Scott Folds

In case you were wondering, we got eight out of ten correct and really should have got 9 of 10. Good luck and have fun!


Dan said...

1. The Police
2. Green Day
3. ?
4. ?
5. Cream
6. Sublime
7. ?
8. Nirvana
9. TLC

Bonus #1: ?
Bonus #2: The band Ben Folds is in now that is not Five?

Captain Easychord said...

3 and 4 are zz top and rush, respectively... bonus #1 is run dmc... and bonus number two IS the ben folds five... they only had three members...

another fun little trio: trey anastasio, les claypool, stuart copeland... fun little supergroup THAT was!

Messiah said...

I still don't know half the answers to this. And I'm amazed that you can even remember who the bands were, and I think in the exact order.

Sean said...

We are still looking for #7 and #10.

Messiah - You may not know this about me, but I have an excellent memory. I also took a copy of the bonus questions home.

Dan said...

Ok, I looked it up and I strongly object to #10!

Who the heck ARE they? Your trivia masters should not have included these guys, whoever they are, in a list of otherwise extremely prominent, if not legendary, bands. Very weird.

Sean said...

Dan - I completely agree with you. Although I have heard of the band, if they were sitting next to me while playing trivia, yelled "that's us" while wearing the name of the band on their T-shirts with a song playing at the same time, I would still have no idea who they were.

In case anyone else was wondering, #10 is Chevelle. #7 was an easier Blink 182.

Jeff V. said...

The Police
Green Day
ZZ Top
Don't know
Blink 182
Don't know

Ben Fold Five