Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Penguin Talk

Since I really don't feel like writing about the Steelers today (What else is there to say? They were never really in the game against Indy and now they have a must-win game against Cincy.), I thought I would do something different and mention the Penguins. You may remember them as Pittsburgh's hockey team with high expectations and going into tonight's game are the 13th best team out of 15 teams. That would not be very good. Therefore, the team has apparently made goalie Jocelyn Thibault their Lee Flowers (or scapegoat) by waiving him. While Thibault has been below average (that's a nice way of putting it), even if the team had Patrick Roy, Billy Smith or Tom Barrasso in their prime, the Penguins would still not make the playoffs.

Then again, maybe waiving Thibault will be the best thing to happen to him and the team. At least I hope.

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