Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thanksgiving Adventure

I know it has been a week since Thanksgiving, but I wanted to share a story about the day. My primary contribution to helping with the Thanksgiving meal was to go to the store and buy the ingredients. While I got everything at Giant (the grocery store around the corner), they were out of shredded Swiss cheese. No big deal, so I went to Harris Teeter which is about a mile away. No luck there. I then tried Trader Joe's about a 1/2 mile from Harris Teeter, but they were closed for Thanksgiving. At this point, I went to Safeway about 2 miles from Harris Teeter. It is amazing how many types of shredded cheese they had, but no Swiss. Actually, they didn't even sell a block of Swiss cheese. How can a store have absolutely no Swiss cheese? At this point I was determined to find shredded Swiss cheese. Next stop: a Hispanic grocery store just down the street from Safeway. You can guess how I did there. Finally, I went to a different Giant about 7 miles away where I found what I was looking for (maybe shredded Swiss cheese was what Bono was referring to).

You may be asking (if you even made it this far), why did I go to six stores to buy shredded Swiss cheese? The answer goes back to my role in preparation for the Thanksgiving meal. When I said that my primary contribution was to buy the ingredients, I should have said it was my ONLY contribution (well, besides eating the food). I felt it was my duty and responsibility to find the cheese. Maybe someone moved my cheese, but I was going to find it. I should also add that we do not own a grater, which will probably be holiday purchase I make for our home.

The end result was that I found the cheese and the food was good!

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