Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rogan's Pizza

I recently learned that my favorite pizza place from college is gone. I ate Rogan's Pizza at least twice a week when I was at Ithaca College, and nearly every day during Finals Week. I actually had a different name for Finals Week with some friends: Week of Rogan's. My favorite was a plain cheese pizza with blue cheese dressing. It may sound terrible, but it is really, really good. The dressing was their specialty and they refused to give out the ingredients. Rogan's also had a double dough pizza where I could never eat more than two pieces.

Anyway, I heard about Rogan's being gone a few weeks ago and finally got around to doing some research about what happened. According to a March 24, 2005 article summary (I didn't want to pay $2.95 to view a 683-word article) in the Ithaca Journal, Tim Reynolds and Brian Carvill took over the restaurant, gas station and coin laundry in the Rogan's Corner complex. They even have a website that says King Subs & Pizza (formerly Rogan's). I've heard from two different sources that the pizza is not the same and that's putting it nicely.

I don't understand why someone would change Rogan's. Who are these guys that bought and changed Rogan's? The place was a goldmine; the only convenient pizza place right next to a campus of 6,000 students. I don't get it.

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DJ Particle said...

It's back!

And apparently the old recipe is back too. I ate there in 2010 (previous time was in 1999 during IC Reunion '99) and the pizza looked and tasted just like it did in the 1990s!