Monday, November 14, 2005

What Not To Do With an Old Jersey

I've written several times about my quest for a new Steelers jersey. My Kendrell Bell and Kordell Stewart jerseys are in the closet and will probably stay there until I move (which is several years away). I've never thought about doing what two people did at last night's Steelers game. They were both wearing a #80 Plaxico Burress jersey. However, they covered up "Burress" with duct tape or masking tape and wrote another name (not Wilson) on the back. It looked ridiculous.

Pittsburgh's own (apparently) Povertyneck Hillbillies performed the National Anthem and the halftime show at the game. I've never heard of them, but the announcer made it sound like they were a big deal (or at the very least a rising star) in country music. They sounded OK, but I think they need a new name. Maybe they can change it to the Oneders. A special congratulatory message to anyone who knows this movie reference.


Anonymous said...

You "oneders" reference is not wasted! It was "That thing you do" which was based in Erie. By the way, Finish line has older Steelers Jerseys, like Webster and Stahlworth (sp?).


Sean said...

I'm glad that someone got the "That Thing You Do" reference. Congrats Teala! I'll also look into the Finish Line for old Steelers jerseys. Of course, I could take my Kendrell Bell jersey, put tape over the name and write Seals on the back for Ray Seals.