Sunday, November 27, 2005

80's Music Quiz

If you have a free 10-15 minutes, check out this 80's music lyrics quiz.

I got an 80.5 or Pop Junkie, but after seeing the answers, thought I should have done better. Good luck (and feel free to share how you did)!


Anonymous said...

Through a tag team effort (as in everything we do, of late) rob and I scored an 87. not bad!


Messiah said...

I, too, received an 80.5. I wonder if we got the exact same songs right. I was very proud of the fact that it was impressed that I got both Toto's Africa and Beyond Thunderdome right. But it made fun of me for not getting the lyrics right to Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (I've apparently been singing the wrong lyrics all these years). And I think that the Beastie Boys lyric is porno mags (plural) and not porno mag (singular). It gave me no points for the plural form.

Sean said...

Sorry but the Beastie Boys lyric is porno mag (singular) to rhyme with drag. I didn't get credit for Bananarama's Venus because I spelled goddess with only one d. I also can never remember whether it is owner of a lonely/broken heart is much better than the owner of a lonely/broken heart.

Messiah said...

I think "mags" rhymes with "drag," even if it's not a perfect rhyme. You're talking about the same group that rhymes "border" with "daughter", and "busted" with "mustard." They have artistic license.

Sean said...

Very good point.

Actually, my favorite current rhyme that doesn't really rhyme is
TYCO, lipo, Michael and GEICO (with ya money).

Mike said...

I never took that quiz because it is too big :)

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