Sunday, November 20, 2005


Thank goodness I don't have to watch another Ravens/Steelers game this year. Both games, especially today's game, were tough to watch. The only consolation in the Steelers' loss today was that Tommy Maddox was the QB. In fact, listening to the Ravens post game show on the radio was very interesting. The Ravens broadcasters said that the Ravens would not have won if Big Ben was playing. In addition, they were criticizing Kyle Boller saying that he will never be a good quarterback. The one announcer said that high school quarterbacks don't make as dumb a play as the one Boller made when he tried to pitch the ball from his knees (the Ravens got very lucky on that play), and that he wouldn't feel comfortable driving behind Boller. Ouch.

My main concern with today's game was the offensive line. The Ravens seemed to get sacks or at least pressure on every big play. The Steelers really missed the injured Marvel Smith today.

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