Monday, May 12, 2014

2014 Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Recap

Let me preface this post by writing that if you're looking for an in-depth, analytical look at the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers draft class, I suggest going to Behind the Steel Curtain or Steelers Depot for that. I have my own unique thoughts on draft recaps (see my posts about the 2012 and 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates drafts for example) THAT YOU WON'T READ ANYWHERE ELSE!

1st Round: Shabazz Napier - PG, UConn

Napier led UConn to the NCAA men's basketball championship this past season. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin stated that he liked Napier because of his speed and that he's a defensive playmaker. I completely agree though I think he's known more for his offense than his defense. Oops. The Steelers drafted Ryan Shazier, LB of Ohio State. Maybe Ryan Shazier and Shabazz Napier are cousins.

2nd Round: Stephon Tuitt - DE, Notre Dame

Ice Cube's You Can Do It must be the theme song for Tuitt. Yes, get your back or, um, butt, in to it. (Surprisingly, this video is SFW-ish as all of the bad words are removed. With that written, you may not want your boss seeing you watch this video.)

3nd Round: Dri Archer - RB, Kent State

I'm a big fan of Archer, though I'm not sure if he's going to be a good teammate. (Some bad words in the video below, so probably NSFW.)

4th Round: Martavis Bryant - WR, Clemson

He is already the most successful Martavis in Steelers history!

5th round: Shaquille Richardson - CB, Arizona

Richardson is listed at 6'0". If you're name is Shaquille, you should be at least 7'0".

5th round: Wesley Johnson - OL, Vanderbilt

Wesley Johnson played college basketball at Syracuse and currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. I think he's the first person to ever play for the Lakers and Steelers.

6th round: Jordan Zumwalt - LB, UCLA

When reading through the all-time Steelers roster, Amos Zereoue will no longer be listed last.

7th round: Daniel McCullers - DL, Tennessee

I should probably make a Crayola reference here.

7th round: Rob Blanchflower - TE, UMass

The Blanchflower family is less successful than its neighbors, the Mayflower family.

Undrafted free agent: Howard Jones - LB, Shepherd

Underrated 80s musician. Personally, my favorite Howard Jones songs are Things Can Only Get Better and Everlasting Love. No One Is To Blame for Jones not getting drafted.

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