Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Metro's Blue Line Problem

To be a true blogger in the Washington DC area, you need to have a post where you complain about Metro. While I've written several of these posts over the years, I feel the need to share another Metro story today.

I'm an Orange Line guy. I take the Orange Line daily and only seem to go on a different line when I transfer to go to Nationals Park. However, I recently attended a meeting in Pentagon City, so I had to transfer to the Blue Line. I arrived at Rosslyn at 8:05 AM in the middle of rush hour on a Friday and went downstairs to take the Blue Line train in the direction of Franconia/Springfield. I did not barely miss a train, yet, the sign stated that the next Blue Line train wasn't for 12 minutes. 12 minutes! During rush hour! Even more insulting was that there were 4 Orange Line trains that stopped to take passengers towards Vienna before my Blue Line train arrived.

While I understand that there are more passengers on the Orange Line than the Blue Line, this is absurd. I really feel bad for people who need to rely on the Blue Line. They are going to get screwed even more whenever the Silver Line actually opens.

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