Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trivia Tuesday

We have a special Trivia Tuesday today since I created this quiz. Your challenge is to name the 10 people below and then indicate what all of these people have in common.

1. This 28 year-old Twilight actor has probably been in other movies besides the Twilight series.

2. This 64 year-old Motown legend may be considered superstitious.

3. The Dolphins make this 48 year-old singer cry.

4. This 50 year-old TV host just got replaced by one network because he got a new, very high-profile job.

5. This 45 year-old guitarist has a name based on something he wears on his head. He also goes by Brian Patrick Carroll, but you probably know him by his other name.

6. This 53 year-old former NBA player is friends with Kim Jong-un.

7. This 28 year-old actress/writer graduated from Oberlin College. She also likes fun.

8. This 75 year-old actor born in Brooklyn may be best known for his roles in Quentin Tarantino films though he was nominated for an Academy Award and played Adam Sandler's dad in Little Nicky.

9. This 36 year-old pitcher made $20 million in 2013 and had a 5-11 record with a 5.74 ERA.

10. This 39 year-old blogger runs one of the most critically-acclaimed blogs for blogs that are at least 9 years old though he is still waiting to be able to make millions from the blog.

As always, do not use the internet for assistance, and leave your answers in the comments section below. Good luck!


Unknown said...

2. Stevie Wonder.
3. Uh, that guy. Hootie. Darius Rucker.
4. Steven Colbert
5. Buckethead
6. Dennis Rodman
8. Harvey Keitel? No way he's 75.
10. Uh, Sean?

No idea on the link.

Unknown said...

Ah, you left out Bea Arthur!

Christine said...

1. Robert Pattinson

And hope you enjoyed the day! ;)

Sean said...

Nice job Aaron & Christine. The ones we missed were Leah Dunham (#7) and Barry Zito (#9). Yes, I also share a birthday with Bea Arthur.