Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fat Joe Wears A Pirates Jersey, Pedro Alvarez Does Not

While watching the MLB Network recently, I noticed several commercials for a show on MTV2 called Off the Bat. The show seemed interesting though I'm probably too old for the MTV2 target audience. However, I noticed that Pedro Alvarez will be on tonight's show, so I want to check this episode.

It looks like Fat Joe isn't as fat as he used to be. Good for Bald Joe! Anyway, here's a description of the show:

MTV2 and Major League Baseball team up to bring you a one-of-a-kind show that goes way beyond baseball, Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave.

Each week Major League Baseball players and celebrity fans will drop by the Fan Cave to hang out with our hosts: MTV News correspondent Sway, hip-hop heavyweight Fat Joe, and Guy Code stars Chris Distefano and Melanie Iglesias. Together they'll cover all the bases on the biggest stories in baseball, pop culture, and entertainment.

This show isn't about stats, or about what happens on the field. We'll highlight players in a way that no one's ever seen before, from locker room pranks to hilarious interviews, in-studio games, lifestyle features and much more.

Get ready for a totally new look at your favorite athletes and celebrities.

I'm not sure if I'll still be awake at 11:00 tonight, but this seems perfect for my DVR. Maybe I'll even include a link to an episode here.

Two more points.

1. Is Chris Distefano related to former Pirate Benny Distefano?

2. This would have been a perfect post for Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies who had a regular feature of celebrities including hip-hop stars wearing Pittsburgh sports gear. I hope Tecmo returns to blogging soon!

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