Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I've had some time to reminisce during late night feedings over the past few weeks. Sure, I mostly think about how much I want to go back to sleep, but I've also thought about people from various points of my life. I was a Resident Assistant (RA) in college which significantly helped with the cost of room and board. I also made some great friends, and this job truly introduced me to the world of student affairs. It's been fun thinking about people that lived on my floor and to wonder where they are today. Here are two such cases. (I've changed the names in case they don't want their life on my blog.)

1. Jordan was a theatre major that had a lot of fun in college. Fortunately for me, Jordan was one strike away from losing his on-campus housing so he went off-campus to do most of his partying. I rarely remember seeing him study, but he was a nice and fun guy. Today, he is the general manager for a company that makes handmade cloth diapers. I definitely didn't see that coming in college.

2. Scott was one of the biggest sports fans I knew. He was a huge Philadelphia sports fan and one of the guys you could see booing Santa Claus at Veterans Stadium. He was going to be a sports journalist and certainly had the passion for it. I will be forever grateful to Scott for letting me watch the 4-overtime Petr Nedved Penguins-Capitals playoff game in his room since he had ESPN2 while I did not. (The game ended well after midnight and he went to sleep since he had a final the next day. I kept watching even though I had a final or paper due.)

Scott is now a New York Times correspondent who has spent significant time in Pakistan, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and, well, pretty much everywhere. He is Carmen Sandiego! Scott also brought Malala's story to the world and has already had a remarkable career. (I'm sort of making him not so anonymous.)

Anyway, this has been a fun exercise. Maybe soon I'll see where people I went to kindergarten with are today!

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