Thursday, May 08, 2014

$2 Bill Spotted at Madison Square Garden

In the second period of last night's Pittsburgh Penguins-New York Rangers Eastern Conference semi-finals game, I noticed something odd in the crowd.

Despite the crooked picture, for some reason, this Penguins fan had a $2 bill against the glass. While I really would like to get to the bottom of this, I have a few theories behind the $2 bill:

She is a big fan of #2, Matt Niskanen

The 2 represents the number of goals the Rangers scored in games 2-4 of the series.

There is a Thomas Jefferson High School in suburban Pittsburgh, so clearly the former President is a Penguins fan.

The 2 represents the number of games the Rangers lost at home to the Penguins in this series.

Thomas Jefferson repealed the whiskey tax nearly a decade after the Whiskey Rebellion that occurred in Western Pennsylvania. I have no idea how this has any connection to the Penguins.

P.S. It looks like The Pensblog also has no idea why there is a $2 bill against the glass.

Update! It looks like we have two more theories.

Mystery solved?

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