Thursday, May 15, 2014

Don't Wait! Order Now, Baseball Fans

For no apparent reason, I received the MLB Insiders Club Magazine recently. I am not part of this club and did not subscribe to this magazine, but as long as I don't get charged, I guess this is fine by me. Actually, if I'm part of the MLB Insiders club, do I get any perks like free tickets or the opportunity to vote on rule changes? (I'd like for teams to be able to trade draft picks. Revising the whole Super Two thing would be nice too.)

Anyway, the magazine features the following ad for the MLB Love Bug Music Box.

While this could be a cute gift for people who love baseball, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and, um, bugs, there is one part of the ad that bothers me. The ad states that this gift is "essential for any baseball fan!" What the ad doesn't state is that this gift is essential for any baseball fan...unless you are a fan of the Pirates, Orioles, Blue Jays, Rays, Royals, Twins, Indians, Athletics, Mariners, Astros, Braves, Nationals, Mets, Brewers, Reds, Rockies, Padres or Diamondbacks. Plus, if you are going to pick only 12 baseball teams, why the Miami Marlins? Is there a higher demand for love bug music boxes among Marlins fans than any of these other 18 teams?

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