Monday, August 31, 2009


A lot of thoughts pop into my head, and I'd like to share some of them with you. Alone, these thoughts probably make for a terrible blog post. Together, they hopefully make for a not as terrible blog post.

- Many restaurants sell boneless wings or chicken. Have you ever seen boneful wings or boneful chicken on a menu?

- According to the list of the most popular male baby names born in the U.S. in 2007, Sean finished #76 with 6,216. Jesus finished #77 with 6,203. Sean > Jesus!

- In Saturday's mail, we received not one, not two, but SIX grocery circulars for Safeway. Did the mail carrier have extras and just wanted to give us more or was Safeway's plan to give everyone multiple circulars?

- How many Bring It On movies have there been? There's a new one coming out on DVD this Tuesday. It seems like one or maybe even two would have been enough.

- Why are there massive wildfires in California every year?

- I follow the Pirates more than any other Pittsburgh sports team, but I write about them less than any other team. However, I'll try to make up for that by posting this amazing picture of Andrew McCutchen after hitting a game-winning home run last week.

You want more don't you? Well, how about a few links for your day:

- Art Rooney passed away twenty years ago. Behind the Steel Curtain has a nice tribute.

- Captain Easychord is quitting fantasy sports. Meanwhile, I'm preparing for my second, third and fourth fantasy football drafts. [Corsairs Affairs]

- Indiana University is moving its 2010 home game against Penn State from Bloomington, Indiana to FedEx Field just outside of Washington DC. That kind of takes away any type of home field advantage. [DCist]

- Look for a real-life R2D2 to be off the market if Steve won the MegaMillions on Friday. [Steve Is Alive]

Photo by Peter Diana/Post-Gazette


Gilahi said...

What bothers me even more than the "boneless" thing is the "semi-boneless" steaks that grocery stores sell. Look, it either has a bone in it or it doesn't. How can something be "semi-boneless"?

Wv: fonst - Type styles for the dyslexic.

Sean said...

Gilahi - I agree with you. It's either boneless or it's not. Maybe Fonst is this decade's version of the Fonz?