Friday, August 14, 2009

Brief Steelers-Cardinals Notes

I refuse to write a thorough post about a preseason NFL game. While I plan my entire schedule around Steelers games during the regular season, I will only watch preseason games if they are on national TV (meaning that the game is on TV in Washington) and I have nothing else planned. Anyway, here are my notes from Thursday’s Steelers-Cardinals game:

* Isaac Redman > Frank the Tank

* I’d love to give Ziggy Hood a lot of credit for his sack, but the Cardinals offensive line didn’t try to block him.

* Limas Sweed made some nice catches. It will be interesting to watch the battle for 3rd receiver between him and Shaun McDonald.

* What an interception by Anthony Madison! It’s too bad the interception didn’t count due to a lousy pass interference penalty.

* I think we’re going to like having a healthy Daniel Sepulveda this season.

* Myron Bell, I mean Joe Burnett, made a nice interception and put a great hit on a Cardinals defender trying to down a punt leading to a touchback.

* If there were any thoughts of kicker Piotr Czech him making the team if Jeff Reed gets hurt, he’s D-U-N done after missing a short field goal wide left. OK, his 44-yard field goal late in the fourth quarter was fine.

* Where do you draft Cardinals running back Tim Hightower in your fantasy league? He’s the #1 back and looked solid against the Steelers’ first team defense.

* James Harrison had six tackles in just over a quarter of work (if that). I think he could be a good football player!

* We all know the former Steeler players and coaches on Arizona, but they may also be the University of Pittsburgh West with former Panthers Larry Fitzgerald, Tyler Palko, LaRod Stephens-Howling and Gerald Hayes.

That's actually more than I thought I would write. Maybe I'm already in regular season form! (or not)

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