Thursday, August 06, 2009

TMI Thursday: New Dishwasher

To celebrate our five-year anniversary, we bought ourselves a brand new dishwasher. We're so romantic! With the new dishwasher comes a new challenge: how to load said dishwasher. I posed a question a few weeks ago about the proper way to load silverware, but that’s not the challenge. I now need to figure out the proper way to load dishes and glasses. Anyone who has ever been to my home or office knows that I am not a neat freak. Papers and newspapers tend to pile up, and I always have clean or at least semi-clean clothes amassed on my dresser (or at least until Ziggy knocks them over). However, I think I have an obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to the dishwasher. I need to figure out the perfect way to fit the maximum amount of cups and plates into the dishwasher, but they cannot touch. In my mind, touching glasses could break. This may be illogical and unrealistic, but it’s my dishwasher, so it’s my rules.

This leads me to the second part of TMI Thursday. I came to the realization of my dishwasher obsession during a graduate school class titled Women: Leadership and Empowerment. In my last quarter of grad school, I needed only a few classes to graduate. To make the quarter easier, I decided to take three classes instead of four, but the catch was that one of the three classes – you guessed correctly, it was Women: Leadership and Empowerment – was 5 credits. A five-credit graduate level class is an insane amount of work. What was I thinking? (Fortunately, Education & Spirituality was an easy class where my final paper focused on how I like the ocean.) WLE consisted of nine people, 8 women and me, and the female instructor. It was awkward at times, but for the most part, it was an enlightening and interesting class. Plus, I never had to speak for all men or defend the male gender. Anyway, one of the few portions of the class I remember eight years later was a discussion about loading the dishwasher. I think the topic was something about gender roles in the home, and I mentioned that I was all about the dishwasher. I think I endeared myself to some of my classmates at that moment.

If you’re wondering how I have handled the new dishwasher so far, that is to be determined. The dishwasher was delivered yesterday and I haven’t used it yet. Depending on when you read this, I am either on my way or in Portland, so I won’t start obsessing about the dishwasher until week. Don’t worry though; I will have plenty of posts over the next few days.

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lacochran said...

Lionel Hardcastle says back to front. I say large items first, then medium then small.

You can get college credit for liking the ocean? This changes *everything*!

Gobo said...

Sean, I am also a dishwasher prefectionist, which I learned from my mother, who is the world dishwasher loading champion.

I think it depands on your dishwashe, i.e., where the silverware tray is, how the pegs are lined up in each drawer, etc.

Generally, in the lower drawer, you can create two rows, one for large plates and one for small plates and larger bowls. The top drawer is much more amorphous, because you have lots of different shapes going in there, so it depends on whether you have more glasses, mugs, small bowls etc. in that load. I generally find myself rearranging the top drawer after every meal.

Yes, I think about this a lot.

rachaelgking said...

I always strong arm B out of the way at dishwasher loading time. He just DOES IT ALL WRONG.

Sean said...

lacochran - I don't think I trust this Lionel Hardcastle fellow. As for the grad school class, I think I wrote about how the ocean was spiritual or something.

Gobo - I haven't had a chance to study our new dishwasher yet, so I don't even know the silverware tray setup. I do appreciate that I am not alone in my dishwasher obsessiveness!

LiLu - I hope that you gently strong arm B out of the way!