Tuesday, September 01, 2009

1991 Stanley Cup Finals Game Six Via NHL '94

Here is your opportunity to relive game six of the 1991 Stanley Cup Finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Minnesota North Stars. While you hear the commentary by Mike Lange and Paul Steigerwald, the "video" itself is directly from the NHL '94 video game. While I'm sure that every Pittsburgh Penguins fan has already seen this, it's new to me. Incredible!

My personal highlight: Paul Steigerwald talking about how he went shopping with Jaromir Jagr when he first arrived in Pittsburgh. Jagr bought jeans and jean jackets to send back to Czechoslovakia (yes it was Czechoslovakia back then).

Bryan Trottier celebrating with the Stanley Cup is also cool. Plus, Joey Mullen had a huge game.

Here is one more link to the NHL91.com website.

h/t Chris


Captain Easychord said...

wow, that's even more ridiculous than the rbi baseball reenactment of the 1986 world series' game 6...

Sean said...

Captain - The RBI Baseball reenactment is good, but the NHL Finals are even better. I think it's because of Mike Lange!