Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Trivia Tuesday: Music Edition

It's fine to thank me. Go ahead, I'll wait. Last week, we attended a different trivia place than our usual spot, and if I went with their questions, this week's Trivia Tuesday would have been about vitamins. It was awful. Therefore, I created my own trivia questions. Originally, I was going to post questions from songs and have you answer them. For example, I was going to take the lyric "Why would I lie?" from the song She's a Beauty by The Tubes and you could give reasons why you would lie or why the singer would lie. We can still do that, but this is another option. I've included eleven songs below; your challenge is to name the artist (or feel free to answer the questions posed).

1. Who let the dogs out?
2. What is love? (Baby don't hurt me)
3. Why does love always feel like a battlefield?
4. Why can't we be friends?
5. What would you say?
6. How will I know if he really loves me?
7. Don't you want me baby?
8. Who am I to disagree?
9. Are you gonna go my way?
10. How do I live without you?
11. What's love gotta do with it?

Here are some bonus made-up lyrics:

What would Jessie's girl do?
Can you spell bananas? B-A-N-A-N-A-S

As always, please do not use the internet to search for answers. Leave your
answers in the comments section below. Good luck!


Brendon said...

1. Baja Brothers?
3. Pat Benatar
5. Dave Matthews
9. Lenny Kravitz
11. Tina Turner

Thank You

Nichole Fisher said...

1. Baja Men
2. Haddaway
6. Whitney Houston
7. Human League
10. LeAnn Rimes or Trisha Yearwood

Messiah said...

8. Eurythmics

Cotter said...

4. War

One of my favs!

Sean said...

Hand of Godard - You are correct on 5, 9 & 11. 3 is close but was a trick question by me.

Nichole - 5 for 5 and major bonus points for getting Baja Men and Haddaway.

Messiah & Cotter - One point for each of you. Nice job!

We're still looking for #3. As a hint, it is a current song.

neena said...

I showed up late to this party, or I would have kicked ass!

#3 is Jordin Sparks

neena said...

Ooh, 4 could also be Smash Mouth!

Your fake lyrics are Rick Springfield and Gwen Stefani!

Sean said...

Nice job Neena. I forgot that Smash Mouth covered #4. Good call!

trivia questions said...

1. Baja Brothers?
3. Pat Benatar
5. Dave Matthews
9. Lenny Kravitz
11. Tina Turner
n yea war is also my favs

Thank You.