Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fantasy Football Question

It's question day here at Sean's Ramblings! As a hypothetical, let’s say that someone has the #3 pick in an upcoming fantasy football draft. Who should this brilliant and fascinating person select with this pick? Maybe a better question is this: who would you rank as your top three fantasy players to start this season?

The scoring for this league is fairly standard: 6 points per TD (passing, receiving, and rushing) and 1 point per 15 yards rushing or receiving. This is not a point per reception league.

As a side note, why does every fantasy football magazine create their top 200 list based on 4 points per passing TD? I have never participated in or even known anyone in this type of league.

(Carson Palmer is not a top 3 pick.)


Archi said...

No, you should definitely actually pick Carson Palmer. I'm telling you, he's going to be huge! ;)

Doug said...

wow, your league is REALLY weighted towards QBs. 6 pts for a passing TD and 1 pt for every 15 yards passing? The top QBs are going to be worth twice as much as the top RBs. I am in a league that does 1 pt for 25 yards passing/4 pts passing TDs and 1 pt for 10 yards receiving or running/6 pts receiving or rushing TDs. The scoring is a bit more balanced. But yours sounds fun too.

So, since QBs are so important, you have to take a QB...Brees, Brady, Manning (Peyton) are my top 3.

Good luck!

Sean said...

Archi - Carson Palmer actually went much earlier than I think he should have in the draft (7th round of a 10-team league). I did not draft him.

Doug - Thanks for your comment. This league is 1 point for every 50passing yards, not 1 point for every 15 yards. Big difference.

With the 3rd pick, I drafted Michael Turner. In the second round (18th pick), I selected Tom Brady.