Thursday, August 20, 2009

TMI Thursday: Back to Basics

If you searched through my TMI Thursday archives, you would probably find bathroom stories more often than any other topic. I haven't shared a bathroom incident as part of TMI Thursday for several months (I think), so it's time to go back to my TMIT roots.

Bill Russell, a member of the Boston Celtics, an NBA Hall of Fame and one of the greatest players in basketball history, was famous for throwing up prior big games due to nerves. If he didn't throw up, legendary coach Red Auerbach would order Russell to go back to the toilet. However, this TMIT is not about Bill Russell.

Although I have been a soccer referee for at least a dozen years and worked hundreds of games, I still get nervous before matches. Unlike Russell, the nervousness manifests itself through another orifice. Before I leave my home prior to soccer games, I regulary need to use the restroom to "drop a deuce." There are days where I need to go multiple times before I leave. I don't remember if I had a similar reaction when working as a ref in high school, but it's a given that I'll need to plan for some bathroom time prior to nearly every game I work.

I also tend to use the restroom prior to all of my ultimate frisbee games too. Since I'm (not so) slightly changing topics, I probably had my best game ever as an ultimate frisbee player yesterday. I scored five points/touchdowns (I was basically Cris Carter; all I did was catch touchdowns) and threw a hammer for another point. It's too bad that I'm missing the tournament this weekend since I think my team has a great opportunity to win (not that me being there would make or break our chances), but also since Wednesday was my last time playing with a fun team.

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rachaelgking said...

I had similar experiences with cross country. It's a lot harder when you're outside...

Stephanie said...

Diapers! Buy Depends! Then you can be ok if you don't get it all out! Gives a new meaning to "nervous stomach", eh?

Ev said...

instead of dropping a deuce you could sound more classy and manly stating you need to

take a "pre game dump" or simply "pre gaming it"

Sean said...

Sorry that I have not had the opportunity to reply until now.

LiLu - Did you feel the wave coming while you were running? FOr me, I'm fine on the field, it's just leading up to the games themselves.

Stephanie - While I'm all for supporting the adult diaper industry (especially since the crazy astronaut lady gave them a bit of a bad reputation), I think I'll stick with using my home toilet.

Ev - Excellent point! Pre-game dump does sound much better.