Monday, August 18, 2008

Dara Torres vs Jerome Bettis

Mike Freeman of CBS Sportsline has a column about the Olympics which includes possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen in print. Freeman writes, "Dara Torres is built like Jerome Bettis. She's not The Bus, she's The Submarine." Jerome Bettis is one of my favorite football players of all-time and has been just as impressive off of the field as on. However, look at these pictures and tell me how they’re built the same.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see it. Oh, they both have two shoulders and a belly button...that must be it! Please note that the picture of Jerome Bettis is from 1997 when he was 25. I don't believe that Bettis had the same physique during his final season in 2005. Meanwhile, the picture of Torres is from January 2008 at the age of 40. I'd bet dinner at Jerome Bettis' Grille 36 that he doesn't have abs like that at 40!

Dara Torres picture by Ronald Cadiz; Jerome Bettis photo by Gregory Heisler


Anonymous said...

Why does it look like her leg skin was peeled off and laid back on?

Sean said...

I didn't notice that before. Her legs really look freaky.

Anonymous said...

She's in water... thus, the lines on her legs.