Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Clothing for the Olympic Mom

What would you do after spending nearly two weeks in Beijing watching your son win eight gold medals with cameras fixated on you during every swimming event and having to deal with constant interviews by Cris Collinsworth? The answer: have a clothing line at Chico’s! Capitalizing on all things Phelps, Chico’s is now selling the Debbie Phelps Collection. With Michael Phelps receiving millions of dollars in endorsement deals, Mama Phelps may as well cash in too. I mean she has to support herself somehow, right?

The Phelps Collection includes a variety of jackets and jewelry, including this Persian Luster Zariah Jacket (whatever that is) on sale for only $55.99 from $118.

So get your Phelps collection clothing now! You don’t want to be the mother at your kid’s swim meet without a Debbie Phelps jacket. (I’m sure that Chico’s will use either this line or "Your kid won’t make the Olympics unless you have this jacket!" in its advertisements.)


Nichole Fisher said...

Okay - so I actually looked at the collection and that jacket isn't so bad in the green version. If they had it in my size in stock, I probably would have bought it.

Anonymous said...

She is actually a school principal in MD - this is hilarious - I wonder what her students think of her clothing line!

Gilahi said...

They should totally find some way to tie this in to "Mission: Impossible."

"Good morning, Mrs. Phelps. Your mission, should you choose to accept it..."

As long as the clothing doesn't self-destruct after 10 seconds.

Julia said...

OMG - when i first starting reading the blog i totally thought this was a joke!

Julia said...

how on earth did you learn about this???

Mystery Man said...

Sean said...

Nichole - I'll admit that I didn't compare the different colors of the Phelps line.

Christine - I think I saw that she is a principal. I wonder if she wears these clothes to work or tries to sell them as a PTA fundraiser!

Gilahi - Self-destructing clothing is not a good thing.

Julia - Why would you think that I wouldn't follow all of Chico's fashion? :)

Mystery Man - I have no idea what that link is. Care to explain since all I found was the MSNBC website.

Nichole Fisher said...

Sean - I actually cut and pasted the link (I'm bored at work this morning) and it was the interview that Rahema Ellis did with Debbie at her school in Baltimore. And I've been in Chico's - its very high school principal/guidance counselor/dean of student affairs type clothes.