Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekend Links

If you’re looking to waste a little time during this holiday weekend, I’m here to help with these links:

There’s an entire video dedicated to Sean’s Ramblings for President. Unfortunately, the staff left a “/” in the graphics. Consider them fired!

Is anyone really surprised that the Steelers have the NFL’s best fans according to ESPN?

It looks like I made a good decision to see Neil Diamond in Washington as opposed to Columbus.

Since the Big Dig worked so well in Boston, there is talk of having one in Reston, Virginia too.

Congratulations to Ithaca College senior Revital ("Revi") Roza for winning Good Morning America’s intern superstar contest.

I’m a few days late to this but Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies interviews the Post-Gazette’s Bob Smizik.

Finally, don’t forget to enter the Ted Marshall Open Television Death Pool. Entries must be submitted by tonight (August 31, 2008) at 11:59pm Eastern time.

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