Monday, August 25, 2008

Final Olympic Notes

Whenever an American won a gold medal and the Star-Spangled Banner was played, I never saw or heard any athletes yell "O" during the next to last line. This includes Michael Phelps and Carmelo Anthony both originally from Baltimore. Do you know why? It is because the athletes respect the national anthem and what winning a gold medal means and do not want to act like buffoons representing their country.

Does American swimmer Katie Hoff ever go by simply The Hoff? If not, she should!

I know that this picture of the terrible towel in Beijing has been everywhere, but I still think it’s cool. There are a lot of comments about this on The Burgh Blog.

Yahoo provides 36 facts about the Olympic medal count.

Finally, what would an Olympic post be without a Ric Blas Jr. article? Blas reflected on the games with the Pacific Daily News.

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