Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chicago Notes

Why do people, more specifically, women, dress up to go shopping? I would think that you would want to dress comfortably and wear clothes that are easy to take on and off in case you would like to try on new clothes at the stores. Is this a Pretty Woman thing (meaning that a "nice" store wouldn’t want your business if you’re not dressed well)?

I saw a billboard for Chicago’s True Oldies radio station 94.7, which simply stated Monkees, Stones, Aretha. Now I like the Monkees (I’m sure that you are shocked by this statement based on my recent Neil Diamond posts), but they really don’t belong in the same class as The Rolling Stones or Aretha Franklin. The Oldies station may want to include The Beatles on its next billboards.

I ate dinner at an Italian restaurant in my fancy Chicago hotel and noticed something odd. There was a living fly stuck inside the parmesan cheese container on my table. I pointed it out to my waiter who looked confused when I asked him to remove the cheese. When I showed him the fly, he just said oh, and quickly took it away. There was no more discussion about the fly or the cheese. I should also mention that this dinner took place before the sprinkler issue.

Finally, I spent four days in Chicago and never make it to a Cubs game. Couldn’t the team schedule one game a series at night?

It's nice to be home!

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