Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Am An Idiot Part 3

Welcome to the latest edition of Sean is an idiot. In part one, I left tickets to the Pittsburgh Steelers game in Virginia. In part two, I decided to throw salt at the tires of my car when it was stuck in snow. The tires were spinning quickly, so the salt flew back at me. I now present a new version of “I Am An Idiot.”

The DC area has had little rain over the past few months, so we certainly needed the 4-6 inches we received over the past few days. While I do not have the exact rainfall total, the rain was steady during rush hour on Friday afternoon. When I left my office to make the short walk to Metro, I checked my bag and noticed that my umbrella was not there. I couldn’t remember if I used the umbrella in the morning, so I figured I either left it in my car, home or office. On a normal day, the only time I would have needed the umbrella was waiting for the bus. However, I was going to Bethesda for dinner so I was sans umbrella for the evening. To reach my destination, I needed to take Bethesda’s free trolley and then walk a block or two. Since I had never used the trolley system, I got off about 5 blocks earlier than I should have, making the entire walk much longer than necessary. Did I mention that the rain was fairly heavy at the time, and I was walking without an umbrella or jacket? Naturally, by the time I arrived, I was soaked.

So here is why I am an idiot (this time) besides walking 5-6 blocks instead of just one. I needed to get something in my bag this morning, and what did I find? Of course, the umbrella. Apparently it was there the entire time, and I did not see or feel it with all of the papers and copies of the Express in my bag. I blame Rihanna.


honeykbee said...

I had an umbrella perform a similar disappearing act in my bag last week, as well. I think they find it amusing.

Sean said...

I'm sure my umbrella was extremely amused by seeing how wet I was walking around Bethesda.