Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Top 10 Bands Named for Places

I recently found the following list of the top ten bands named for a location from the folks at

10. America
9. Asia
8. Berlin
7. Nazareth
6. Styx
5. Trans-Siberian Orchestra
4. Kansas
3. Boston
2. Europe
1. Chicago

One of the first topics I posted on this site was bands that have a city, state or country as part of the name. When I wrote this, I used HaloScan for comments, so I do not have the responses anymore. Anyway, I now present my own top 10 list:

10. Hannah Montana (You can laugh at this, but Hannah Montana tickets are the hottest in town)
9. Asia
8. Europe (The Final Countdown is not enough for me to make Europe higher on this list)
7. Berlin
6. L.A. Guns / Hollywood Rose (precursor of Guns ‘N Roses; GNR would be at or near the top)
5. America
4. Kansas
3. Boston
2. Alabama
1. Chicago

Honorable mentions: Frankie Goes to Hollywood, New York Dolls and Bay City Rollers

I should probably include more rationale for my picks, but I’ll wait to see everyone else's comments before defending my selections.


Unknown said...

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Sean said...

Apparently, I have created the ultimate list of the top 10 bands named for places. There have been no disagreements, so I guess I am right (as always). :)

Daisy said...

New York Dolls
Texas Tornadoes
Little Texas

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