Friday, October 05, 2007

Burritos, Penguins, Madden and Umbrellas

I have received a few questions about the status of the free burritos for a year from California Tortilla. I am now through seven burritos with 45 to go. My first three burritos were my favorite, the Blackened Chicken Caesar burrito. Then, I started to realize that maybe going for a burrito bowl would be healthier than the tortilla. Since then, I’ve had three varieties of the burrito bowl: Veggie, Blackened Chicken Caesar and Thai. I did have a regular Blackened Chicken Caesar burrito as my last meal before the Yom Kippur fast though. I’m now at the point that I’m not sure what burrito to try next. Any suggestions?

In honor of the first Pittsburgh Penguins game of the season tonight, I have added a new link on the side. Visit the best Penguins blog out there, fittingly titled, The Pensblog.

I finished my first season of Madden ’07 the other night with a horrifying defeat. I, as the Pittsburgh Steelers, lost in the Super Bowl to the Dallas Cowboys 24-17. Trailing 17-14, I got the ball to the Cowboys 1 yard line with 9 seconds to go and used my final time-out. It was third down, and I decided to trust the Ask Madden button, who told me to kick a field goal. In hindsight, I should have tried to throw a pass to Heath Miller, but I took the safe choice (thanks to Ask Madden) to make the field goal to get into overtime. After the kick-off, the Cowboys got the ball on their own 30 with 5 seconds to go. On the final play, Drew Bledsoe launched a pass to Terrell Owens. Playing a Quarter Man zone (I think), I accidentally switched from a defensive lineman to Ike Taylor making Taylor run about 10 yards towards the line of scrimmage. All alone, Owens caught the pass and scored the Super Bowl winning touchdown. What a terrible way to lose. I may fire Bill Cowher.

Finally, listening to Yahoo! Music today, I heard two versions the Rihanna’s song “Umbrella,” but neither one was by her. One was by Mandy Moore and the other by someone named Marie Digby. Why are there two remakes of this recent song so soon?


Anonymous said...

madden 07? not doing 8 yet? quesion: what level do you play on? i'e been playing on all madden because i never lose, especially to dan, on all-pro and i'm getting kinda bored.

Anonymous said...

Sean, I think I've heard about 6 versions of that song. Every time I hear another one I have to shake my head. Can anyone come up with their own songs anymore??