Saturday, October 20, 2007

Penguins Capitals Game

I am heading to the Penguins-Capitals game tonight, for what is always a fun evening. My group consists of 11 people, and we're all Penguins fans. Since it's the beginning of the season, my guess is that there will be more Capitals fans than Penguins fans, but it will be loud on both sides, particularly on a Saturday night with alcohol involved. Near the end of last season, with the Capitals nearly eliminated from playoff contention, the crowd was seemingly 60%/40% in the Penguins favor. So if you're at the game tonight, I'll be the guy in a Penguins shirt (along with several thousand other people).

As always, go to the Post-Gazette's Empty Netters and The Pensblog for Penguins coverage and On Frozen Blog for Capitals news.

Go Pens!

UPDATE: The Penguins defeated the Capitals 2-1. A great time was had by all (Penguin fans)! While there may have been more Capital fans in the bottom section of the arena, it looked like there were a majority of Penguin fans in the cheaper seats. The Washington Post and Post-Gazette have the game story. Stay tuned for coverage of my conversation with a drunk Penguin fan at Regional Food and Drink.

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