Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Randomness Part I

- A nice article about California Tortilla in Monday’s Washington Post with the following quote, “Another newly opened restaurant in Reston needs more word of mouth to boost traffic.” Well, I’m doing the best I can to help the word of mouth for the Cal-Tort in Reston, so GO TO CAL-TORT IN RESTON! Of course, reading the article also makes me worry a little bit about overexpansion.

- When I was in Utah last week, I learned that Utahns is spelled, well, Utahns. However, according to Microsoft Word, Utahns should be spelled Utahans.

- I also learned that someone named Frank Lynch is on the ballot in Utah’s Democratic primary for President. According to Frank Lynch’s website, he is “the most important emerging national leader since Abraham Lincoln came out of nowhere to transform America.” I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Abraham Lincoln will be slightly more important than Frank Lynch.

- Major League Baseball is having a “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” promotion with Taco Bell. If any player steals a base in the 2007 World Series, Taco Bell is going to give one free Crunchy Seasoned Beef Taco to every person in America. Join the rest of America in praying for the health and success of Coco Crisp, Willy Taveras and Kaz Matsui. Taco Bell should give away franchises if Curt Schilling gets a stolen base (he has one career stolen base when he was on the Phillies in 1997).

- This is more a reminder for me than anything else; the Penguins game against the Rangers tonight at 7:00 is on Versus.

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Frank Lynch USA said...

Actually, if you read gramatically, the claim is "Since Abraham" not "More Than!" Therefore your comment is illogical.

If you read the Top Ten List at www.franklynch.org, and also the link to Abraham Lincoln on that website, you may understand that if our leaders are smart enough to implement the Top Ten List, they will transform our nation as did my Hero Lincoln.

In the spirit of exploring ideas, why not read the Top Ten List in detain and discuss how thye may lift up every person in America to True Equality?