Friday, October 19, 2007

Big Budah

I’m back from a three-day trip to Utah, and I must write about the Salt Lake City Fox morning news show, Good Morning Utah. It’s your typical local news show with traffic and weather, some local news and an on-site reporter who goes to a different place each day. However, Good Morning Utah stands out for one particular reason, Big Budah, GMU’s (not George Mason University) Feature Reporter. I certainly did a double-take when the credits saying that I was watching GMU with Joe Smith, Mary Jones, Fred Thomas (I’m making these names up) and Big Budah. After Big Budah throws the story back to the anchors, they say “Thanks B.” It was somewhat surreal.

Now I understand that this is a local morning news show, so I’m not expecting hard-hitting journalism from Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Morrow. However, a journalist that goes by Big Budah? I checked the station’s website and that really is his professional name. For some reason, I can’t see Dan Rather saying, “Now let’s go to Big Budah reporting live from Iraq.”

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Anonymous said...

"Big Budah" is certainly not his real name, but is the name that he goes by professionally as you said.

Big Budah isn't supposed to be serious journalist that would be reporting from Iraq. He's the reporter that's doing the fun reporting from different places and events in the state. Every news team has their "Wacky Bruce" reporter that is just fun to watch doing the extra stories.