Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mission Accomplished

After 11 years, I submitted my final undergraduate college loan payment last night. I feel like I should write something about how I never thought this day would come or how this is such a great accomplishment. Well, I certainly am happy about this, otherwise I would not be announcing this on my blog. So today’s question, what is the bigger accomplishment?

1. Paying off my student loan,
2. Earning free burritos for a year,
3. Finishing sixth out of over 100 entries in a TV death pool,
4. Winning a fantasy football or baseball league (which hasn't happened yet, but it will - I hope) OR
5. Making it through the entire episode of "Cavemen" last night.



Anonymous said...

wow, i may need another 10 years to payoff my student loan, unless clooney wants me in his next few flicks. congrats!

Anonymous said...

Awesome - no more student loan payments! And you didn't even have to join the Army, like Rob! : )

I would have to go with the loan payments - although how you survived "Caveman" is beyond me - I couldn't even make it through the promo-commercials for the show! How was it? Will it be cancelled sooner or later?

Sean said...

Thanks Jason & Christine. I think being an RA helped significantly. Otherwise, I would still have another 10 years or so to go.

Caveman was not very good. I don't think the show will make it into 2008.

Andy said...

Winning the free burritos is the greatest accomplishment. Lots of people pay student loans; only a select few are crazy enough to wait in line from the wee morning hours for a CalTort grand opening. Now go get your free burrito for the week, and while you're at it, order a margarita to celebrate your final loan payment!

Sean said...

Thanks Andy. I tend to agree with you that only a select few would wait in line 5+ hours for burritos! However, I guess 11 years of loan payments probably trumps 5+ hours of sitting next to crazy people in line, listening to the radio and reading.