Saturday, March 10, 2007

URI Tribute

In honor of the University of Rhode Island's men's basketball team advancing to the Atlantic 10 Championship and a chance to win an automatic berth in the NCAA Tournament, here is a YouTube video (thanks to Deadspin) of the classic mascot fight between Rhody Ram and the St. Joe's Hawk. My brother was actually at this game. If I remember correctly, Rhody Ram lost his job because of this incident.

Anyway, I know a lot of people who graduated from or worked at George Washington University, so I know they want GW to defeat URI today. However, as a show of support of my brother, here is URI's fight song:

We're Rhode Island born;
and we're Rhode Island bred;
and when we die we'll be Rhode Island dead!
So, go go Rhode Island, Island!
Go, go Rhode Island, Island!
Go Rhode Island, U - R - I!

UPDATE: GW defeated URI 78-69 plus Georgetown crushed Pitt 65-42. Not a good evening. At least the Penguins won today.

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