Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Morning Thoughts

- Tonight is the premiere of “The Winner” starring Rob Corddy on FOX. I will probably not be watching since I saw this show 15 years ago when it was called “Get a Life” with Chris Elliot.

- With all of the news over the past few weeks, I have not seen anyone mention the "Naked Gun 33 1/3" curse. See: Anna Nicole Smith and O.J. Simpson. Is Fred Ward next? Maybe it is the curse of the 1995 Razzie Award winners. Anna Nicole Smith won Worst New Star while O.J. Simpson won Worst Supporting Actor. Look out Worst Support Actress (for "Car 54, Where Are You," "Exit to Eden" and "The Flintstones"): Rosie O’Donnell!

- Since we are now in the March Madness, here is something to think about. The teams listed below are either considered in the tournament or on the bubble, even though they have terrible road records:

Michigan State: 1-8 on the road (the one win was at Penn State which really should not count as a win)
Purdue: 2-8 (wins at Penn State & Northwestern)
Georgia Tech: 1-8
Oklahoma State: 0-7 (probably not on the bubble anymore)
Alabama: 2-7

If a team cannot get close to .500 on the road, I do not think the team deserves to be in the NCAA Tournament.

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