Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Publish or Perish (not Robert Parish)

I have decided that I want to be an author. Specifically, I want to write a book. One big problem: I have no idea what to write. Fiction – I am not creative enough to pull this off. Non-fiction – I do not have the time to devote for interviews and research. Auto-biography – My life is not exciting enough to cover more than a magazine article. Plus, I’d be extremely wary of any magazine that wants to publish my auto-biography. You may be thinking to yourself, Sean, why don’t you write about your passion? Excellent suggestion. I could write about Pittsburgh sports; however, an Amazon search of sports books with “Pittsburgh” in the title has 3,106 results. I am passionate about fantasy sports, but there is already a fairly established market out there, and I offer no fresh ideas with the possible exception of tips on how to lose every single year.

Until I figure out my great novel, I’ll be here. If you have any book ideas (and I use it), I will give you a mention in the acknowledgement section.

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