Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fantasy/Rotisserie Baseball Advice Needed

It is that time of year again. Over the next few weeks, I will spend hours reviewing my fantasy baseball teams, searching through fantasy baseball magazines and websites and creating (or not creating) draft strategies. As I have written here countless times (I could probably count the number but I don't feel like it), I have never won a fantasy baseball (or football) league despite being in one league since 1992 and beginning my fourth year in another. Therefore, I think I need to change my strategy. In the past, I have relied only on fantasy magazines, free portions of websites and written notes. This year, I am thinking about using spreadsheets and actually having a computer at the draft. Plus, I am considering signing up for a fantasy/rotisserie website.

This leads to my question. Does anyone out there have any websites they would recommend? (Please note that I realize that some of my league mates read this site, so I understand if they do not want to reveal their sources.) There are dozens of websites out there like The Talented Mr. Roto, RotoTimes, RotoWorld, Ultimate Fantasy Sports, etc., etc, and many seem fairly expensive. I have no idea where to start. Any advice?


Anonymous said...

My advice is that you should give me Chad Cordero for Denny Neagle and a Coke!!!

Sean said...

I will consider.