Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Life

I received a call from my college earlier this week for its annual student phonathon program. They were asking for money, which is fine since I’m glad to contribute a little. Anyway, the reason I am writing is the student who called listed some of the activities I participated in during college. He was genuinely amazed that I was involved in so much and still able to do well in school. Later that same night, I IMed (can I use "IMed" as a verb?) with a friend from college who was equally involved in school and now has three young kids and serves on several boards.

All of this got me thinking. Here is what I do now: work, watch TV, play Xbox, blog, referee soccer, play ultimate frisbee (although primarily during the summer) and volunteer maybe five days of a year. I am not truly involved in any community groups or organizations. So what happened to me? Has this happened to other people? Is it common to be so involved at one point of my life and so little involved in another?

I don’t know about the last two questions, but I can probably answer the first one. Work happened. I spend 10-11 hours per day either at the office or commuting to and from work. I spent 10-15 hours per WEEK at my college job. All of the hours working and commuting really prohibits any activities during the week, and on weekends, I like to sleep, relax, have fun and run a few errands.

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