Thursday, March 08, 2007

Stupid Person

Most of the people on my bus enter and exit at the Park ‘N Ride in which there are two stops, one at the front of the parking lot and one near the exit. The stops are approximately a football field apart. So tonight, the bus driver announced at the first stop that the back door was not working so everyone standing at that door had to exit through the front. At the second stop, everyone exited through the front door...except for one man. Even though he sitting directly next to the back door, he waited for a good 20 seconds until he realized that the back door wasn’t opening. Very smart. (Of course I smiled at the idiocy.) I guess it could have been worse. He could have yelled to the bus driver to open the back door.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he was hearing impaired. I be you would "smile" at him if he was huh?

Sean said...

He was not hearing impaired. I have seen him on the bus before.

Even if he was hearing impaired, he should have (a) noticed the fact that no one at the first stop exited through the back door even though they were standing right in front of him and then walked to the front after the bus driver's announcement and (b) noticed that other people at the back of the bus skipped the back door to walk to the front door.

He was not blind either.