Thursday, March 15, 2007

Band Madness

Everyone loves brackets, but let's say you're not a college basketball fan. Well, here's an alternative: the website Band Madness "is a March-Madness style, single elimination tournament of pop/rock bands where the winners are determined strictly by fan voting. There are 512 artists from various decades and genres."

This is one huge bracket! Anyway, you can go on and vote for your favorite bands. Some current match-ups include: The Beatles vs. Big & Rich; Tenacious D vs. Cat Stevens; Run-DMC vs. Moody Blues; and Monkees vs. Wolfmother (this last one is no contest - you can't stop Micky, Michael, Peter and Davy!).

I learned of Band Madness through Deadspin, so I thought I would give them some credit.

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