Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Washington Nationals Want You To Vote For Texas Rangers Player

I'm confused. (Yes, that doesn't take much.) I received an e-mail from the Washington Nationals today encouraging me to vote for Ryan Zimmerman (makes sense) and Michael Young of the Texas Rangers (huh?) for the 2010 All-Star game.

According to the e-mail, "Last is certainly not least in the 2010 All-Star Game Final Vote Sponsored by Sprint. Vote often for the LAST players on the ballot, Ryan Zimmerman and Michael Young. Save the best for last and help Ryan and Michael get to the All-Star Game!"

Again, I'm confused. Apparently, we're not voting for our own team's players, we're now voting based on who is in your homeroom!

Perhaps the Nationals want you to vote for Michael Young since the Rangers originated in Washington as the Washington Senators. Granted, the Senators moved to Texas after the 1972 season, which is before Young was born, so that seems like a stretch.

Regardless, I think I'll pass on voting for either and wait until baseball puts Andrew McCutchen or Stephen Strasburg on the ballot.


Captain Easychord said...

... maybe it's a strategy to counter the red sox and reds pairing up to promote the youkilis/votto pair?

Sean said...

Captain - Thanks for the link. I had no idea that the Red Sox/Reds were doing this too. I don't get it.