Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Movie Questions (Trivia Tuesday)

Welcome to a very special Trivia Tuesday where we try to learn more about you and your movie-watching history.

1. What is the worst movie you ever saw in the theater?

This question came up among my friends last night. While Johnny Mnemonic was mentioned at least once going around the table, for me, The Wizard is the worst movie I ever saw on the big screen.

According to IMDB, this is the plot: "a boy and his two friends run away from home and hitch cross country to compete in the ultimate video game championship." I remember it as a 90-minute to 2 hour Nintendo commercial starring Fred Savage that I had to pay for. I wonder if there were people that saw this film thinking that they were going to see the Ozzie Smith story!

2. What was the first R-rated movie you saw?

I saw Zapped! starring the wonderful combination of Scott Baio & Willie Aames when we had a free preview of HBO that somehow managed to last several years. I really wish that Baio and Aames would be in a movie together again. Couldn't they have had these two have a cameo in Hot Tub Time Machine? Anyway, Zapped! is about "a teenager science-nerd [who] gains telekinetic powers." Although I haven't seen this movie in many, many years, this teenager used this power to remove shirts and bras off of attractive women. A magical movie for an adolescent!

OK, your turn.


lacochran's evil twin said...

The worst movie I ever saw "in the theater" --it was a drive in, does that count?-- was The Villain. It was so bad I nearly fell asleep--which is hard to do in the back of a van with four guys.

The first R rated movie I saw in the theater was Paper Moon. Tatum was an adorable little con artist.

Anonymous said...

Good question...I think the worst movie I ever saw in a theater was the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean. I recall Dana K and I walking out half way and running to the nearest bar.

First R movie I think was Purple Rain.

Brendon said...

1. I don't see movies in the theater that often, so that would be hard for me to say. Thanks to Netflix I did just get the opportunity to see "The Room" and it is easily the worst movie I've ever seen and I find it hard to believe that there could be a worse movie made. It is hilarious and I highly recommend it.

2. I think Slapshot was the first. Or maybe one of the Friday the 13th movies... I loved those as a kid.

Nichole Fisher said...

Worst movie I ever saw in a theatre - The Island of Dr. Moreau. Ugh, it was terrible. Val Kilmer, Marlon Brando - had I not been on a date, I would have left.

First R, Halloween III. I was young, maybe 8 or so, and my uncle was babysitting. I watched most of it hiding behind him, but that was my first R movie.

Brad said...

Worst movie I saw in a theater was Cool as Ice, although the Vanilla Ice quote "lose the zero and get with the hero" remains an all-time fav.

First R, Eddie Murphy- Raw. We bought tickets for *batteries not included but we sneaked in for Raw.

Brendon said...

Just remembered my worst theater movie - The Blair Witch Project. I fell asleep during that movie and I was on a date.

johanna said...

Oh my god, Sean, you just answered one of my lifelong (well, almost lifelong) questions. I have a fuzzy memory of watching The Wizard - I remember a scene with Fred Savage in some kind of a gas station/truck stop; he was playing a video game. I have been wondering for YEARS what that effing movie was from my childhood. Thank you.

And the worst movie I ever saw in the theater was something in the early 90s, the name of which I can't remember. Thought it was Junior, but that's not it.....