Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: Name That Van

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope that you had a nice holiday weekend. We’re back to a “regular” Trivia Tuesday this week, so enjoy. Your challenge is to identify the people who have “Van” in their name.

1. The eighth Vice President of the United States.

2. 1999 MTV Movie Award winner for “Best Breakthrough Male Performance” and lead actor in Dawson’s Creek.

3. Parody actor best known for his work on “Eight is Enough.”

4. Three-time Emmy winner for Outstanding Lead Comedy Actor and actor in Diagnosis Murder.

5. Full pen name of advice columnist Pauline Phillips.

6. Artist of “The Starry Night.”

7. 18-1 lifetime Belgian martial arts competitor slated to return to fighting later this year.

8. Designer whose company patented a self-folding collar in 1919.

9. Pittsburgh Pirate outfielder from 1987 to 1994.

10. Guitar great who divorced his actress wife Valerie in 2007.

As always, please do not use the internet to search for answers. Please leave your answers in the comments section below. Good luck!

This quiz is courtesy of Stump Trivia.


lacochran's evil twin said...

2. James Van Derbeek.
3. Dick Van Patten.
4. Dick Van Dyke.
5. Abigail Van Buren.
6. Vincent Van Gogh.

Captain Easychord said...

the absence of van lingle mungo from the list of correct answers is an insufferable offense... just sayin'...

Hand of Godard said...

1. Martin Van Buren (Thanks Seinfeld)
6. Van Gogh (I'm sure I spelled that wrong)
9. Andy Van Slyke
10. Ronnie Van Zandt?

nichole said...

1. martin van buren
2. james vanderbeek
3. dick van patton
4. dick van dyke
6. vincent van gogh
7. jean claude vandamme
8. van cleef & arpels (wrong I know, but they were the only van designer I could think of)
10. eddie van halen

neena said...

1. Martin Van Buren
2. James Vanderbeek
3. ?
4. Dick Van Dyke
5. Abigail Van Buren
6. Vincent Van Gogh
7. ?
8. Van Husen
9. Andy Van Slyke
10. Eddie Van Halen

Sean said...

Lacochran started us off well by going 5 for 5.

Captain - I didn't make up the questions. Please contact Stump Trivia to create an entire series of Van Lingle Mungo questions.

Hand of Godard - Yes on 1, 3 & 9. I was so happy when I saw the Andy Van Slyke question at trivia night.

Nichole scores an impressive 7 out of 10 including providing the correct answer to #10.

Neena gets the one we were missing, #8.

Between all of you, we would have had a clean sweep. Nice job!